The Hell With This Podcast #23 - The In-Laws (1979)

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The Hell With This Podcast #23 - The In-Laws (1979)

Post by Chad Peter » Mon May 15, 2017 1:54 pm

"The In-Laws" (1979)

With Chad absent AGAIN, last week's guest - Steve Phelan - makes a fill-in look natural. This time Steve picks the movie: the original "The In-Laws" from 1979, starring the great Peter Falk and Alan Arkin in a film directed by Arthur Hiller. Mark's never seen the movie (neither has Chad, for that matter, not that he's here today (but he IS writing this, strangely, in the 3rd person)). "The In-Laws" (1979) can currently be found in the Criterion Collection.

https://thehellwiththiscom.files.wordpr ... inlaws.mp3

“The In-Laws” (1979)

Performers of note: Peter Falk, Alan Arkin, Arthur Hiller, James Hong, and Ed Begley Jr.
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