Untitled Australian Roadtrip Movie

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Re: Untitled Australian Roadtrip Movie

Post by Chad Peter » Sat Jan 06, 2018 1:15 am

Black Flower mostly just keeps getting it's ass kicked by my day job (I generally let it). This was the time to really focus on BF, but instead I took the Mr. Robot job and now that's leading to something... else. Can't say yet until I'm officially SIGNED to a deal (or at least until I read the NDA). Got a promotion and skipped a few floors on the way.

Honestly, if I felt the BF script was ready to shoot, I'd have started by now, but it's missing something. I'll post something when I figure out what, exactly.

As far as the Aussie feature, well, still editing it, and hoping to have a rough cut together by the time I start the next job (Valentine's Day). HAH

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