Closed the studio fest sub-forum, merged with OT

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Closed the studio fest sub-forum, merged with OT

Post by Chad Peter » Tue Nov 28, 2017 9:07 am

Subject heading is fairly self-explanatory. Closed down the mostly unused (i see you lance) studio fest forum and merged the old topics into the off topic forum.

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Re: Closed the studio fest sub-forum, merged with OT

Post by Lance » Tue Nov 28, 2017 12:27 pm

Probably for the best. I will finish...I will, I promise.

I have even moved the shoot to the closer (but more treacherous to navigate) location just to make it easier to jump out there in between rain squalls if we can. We almost went out during a wind storm that knocked out power at work but Zack, who plays the main character in the story's story, had just cut his hair again. We were brainstorming ways that he could've achieved that look on the trail, went so far as having a psychotic break sequence that involved either a naked (wearing a smock) hair dresser or a clown and a barber chair but, ultimately, we didn't come up with anything that would maintain the integrity of the rest of the story. That storm also caused a lot of damage from trees and limbs falling so it was probably for the best. There is a lot more interesting scenery at this location, I just have to haul gear over a rock slide that dumps into a raging river. Not a bad as it sounds, just a pain in the ass. The shots will be worth it though, at least in my mind. If I had more experience I'm sure I could've gotten all of the shots I needed the first day. I'm better equipped now, know how to set up my camera faster, and just know more of what to expect so, hopefully I will not fumble around as much.

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