ITT: We talk about The Rise of Skywalker

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ITT: We talk about The Rise of Skywalker

Post by Bryan » Fri Dec 20, 2019 11:59 am

So... you've seen it. What'd you think?

I'll start it with this... TLJ was a disappointment to me, unfortunately this just continued the disappointment.

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Adam Bertocci
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Re: ITT: We talk about The Rise of Skywalker

Post by Adam Bertocci » Sat Dec 21, 2019 9:07 pm

Unrepentant prequel fan, TFA left me cold and empty, loved TLJ.

I was prepared to hate TROS based on the reviews, but I liked it. For some reason, my opinion on TFA and TROS is the reverse of things—most critics and fans went ape over TFA and gave its fanservice and recycling a pass while condemning TROS as an unimaginative product. I think the opposite.

It wasn't the best-made movie (overstuffed, my God did some moments need to breathe). But I liked the story—yes, even the retcons. I thought there was a little too much cutesy callback stuff, but not enough to hurt the movie.

I found it an immensely satisfying end to the trilogy (and the trilogy of trilogies).

I loved the chance to share it with my nieces. It's the first one we've all watched in theaters together. It was the perfect way to say, all right, torch passed—my Star Wars is over, it's yours now.

I am preparing my usual 500-page review for my Facebook friends. Been working on it for hours.

^^^ UPDATE: It's away!

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Chad Peter
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Re: ITT: We talk about The Rise of Skywalker

Post by Chad Peter » Fri Dec 27, 2019 8:42 pm

On the whole, the trilogy was supremely crafted and I am more than OK with the amount of detail that went into the trilogy. That said, while I enjoyed each film, it's clear that they didn't think the "trilogy" through - they needed another year of plotting and laying out the bridges between the series. To drop Palpatine on us at the end - well - it was a great way to end, BUT it would have been nice to stitch that thread in from the beginning. RoS honestly "saved" the trilogy, in my opinion - and I was a fan of TLJ - but like Alien Resurrection might be considered a "fun" alien film (for some, not me), it is ultimately not a great Alien film (read between the lines, you fools).

haha, but ultimately who gives a fuck. They're not MY films, and they never will be. Hopefully next time they think through the entire ARC of a trilogy, and not just a one-off. You can't end a second film wondering "wow, well I now have no fucking clue where this is going."

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Re: ITT: We talk about The Rise of Skywalker

Post by Faldor » Sun Dec 29, 2019 3:03 am

I didn't hate "Rise Of Skywalker" as a movie it began, middle and ended better than some of the prequels. You will note that I say some of the prequels which is already pretty damning. I should mention that I have only seen the film the once and with the previous few films my opinion shifted after a second watch.

When the sequels were announced my biggest concern was that the significance to Vader's sacrifice in return of the Jedi would be diminished. By having the Emperor return it rather is, however I must admit to being quite positive to the reveal in the trailer that he would be back as Ian McDiarmid is just fun to watch on screen. He is by far the biggest highlight of “Revenge of the Sith”. Which makes it such a shame that Rise Of Skywalker made such little use of him. Frankly his character could have been any Tom, Dick or Exar Kun.

I never had a problem with the characterisations of “The Last Jedi” and it is a crying shame to see some of the most interesting choices made in Star Wars in recent years completely walked back. The supposed it revelations made about Rey raise more questions than they answer and whilst the decision to make her a descendant of the Emperor works better than her being the daughter of either Han or Luke it still does not make for as interesting a story than if the force can simply come to anyone.

A lot has been said about the supposed fan service in the film, what I think people mean is a service to people who aren't fans and complained bitterly that they didn't like what had been done and surrendering an interesting narrative for the sake of a vocal minority completely leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

So what did I like about it?

That little dude who reprograms C3P0 was pretty cool, I like that C3 PO had some decent screen time this time around after he and R2 were underused in the previous two instalments, I miss the idea from the OT that they were the narrators. Bringing Lando back to just stand around seemed like a cynical attempt at pleasing the crowd, but I can't help it it was pleasing.

It didn't make the decisions that I would have, and whilst some of those detract from previous instalments overall it was a fun movie even though it didn't reach its potential and whilst it will not be my first choice to revisit I also won't be entirely striking from the record.

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